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Parent Coaching

Our team works closely with parents and provides coaching on how to implement teaching strategies that are the most appropriate for the child. Parent coaching is provided at the center or in the home  setting. The goal is to help parents create structure and routines at home, as well as recognize and utilize situations and moments within everyday life to provide teaching opportunities to the child.

Parents receive training with the goal of being able to take an active role in their child’s intervention and expand upon their child’s learning. Training is intended to help parents teach their child in a variety of environments, take advantage of naturally occurring learning opportunities, and encourage their child to be successful and independent in daily life.

The following are some of the topics that are covered in parent training:

  • Techniques to reduce or eliminate behavioral problems

  • How to use a visual schedule

  • Safety in the home and community

  • How to connect with other parents for support

  • Increasing coping skills – yours and your child’s

  • Building routines

  • Responding to a child’s behavior without making it worse

  • How to use reinforcers appropriately

  • How to use a sensory diet

  • What can be causing behaviors (sensory, medical, pain, etc.) and how to treat them accordingly


The parent training topics covered are individualized and based on the child’s treatment plan as we all know “one size does not fit all”

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