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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy can support kids in developing skills related to participation and engagement in meaningful activities of daily living.  Intervention will typically focus on incorporating child’s strengths, learning styles, and setting up an environment to facilitate skill development. Occupational therapy goals are created collaboratively with parent and guided by child’s interest and current performance. Goal areas can address fine motor skill development (scissor skills, pencil grip, hand eye coordination, chewing/oral motor skills) as well as self help skills including dressing, bathing, tooth brushing, toileting, and hygiene). Sensory processing differences/preferences and general strategies to support over all challenges with regulation that impact participation in daily routines may also be addressed

What to expect for your child’s first Occupational Therapy Session?

The first session will consist of an assessment (approx. 1 hour) of your child’s current needs, unique learning styles and strengths. At least one parent and child must be present for the duration of the first session. Goals will be determined based on current needs. Parents are asked to prepare 2-3 short video clips of their child participating in routines or skills that they are currently working towards in the home environment which parent will play at time of session (please do not email or upload the video anywhere to send to Sensational Kidz. Together with Sensational Kidz Management (Primary Health Information Custodian), OT will ensure privacy and confidentiality of personal health information as per organization policy compliant with the Personal Health information Protection Act.

What do occupational therapy sessions look like?

A dynamic treatment plan will be created to work towards goals identified. Parent is requested to participate in the session when possible. Sessions will include in center activities to gain skills, consultation with ABA team specific to their child’s goals, and training/coaching to parents/caregivers on strategies that will continue to develop skills at home.

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