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Social Skills Training

During the Social Skills Group program, staff will utilize ABA to increase your child's age appropriate social skills through a variety of play and group activities. Before beginning our social skills program, the lead BCBA will work with you and your child to determine what specific social, play, and communication skills will be targeted for each child, while still working in a group setting. Using evidence-based practices, Sensational Kidz provides social groups with similar-aged peers to build the foundation for essential skills, such as conversational skills, turn-taking, and listener responding skills.

Over the course of this program, parents will receive detailed reports and strategies to use at home to help their child be successful in other social settings. Some children might benefit from one-on-one therapy emphasizing social skills, while others benefit from a group setting with many opportunities for peer interactions. Some children may require a combination of both direct and group therapy to improve social skills. Based on the needs, an individualized plan will be developed for every child to facilitate great gains and progress. Starting Fall 2019, we will have two social skills groups - one focusing on beginning social and play skills and the other focusing on more advanced social skills.

Social Skills ABA Therapy
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