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Speech & Language Therapy


Looking for a speech therapist in brampton? Are you concerned with your child’s speech-language development? At Sensational Kidz Therapy Services, we customize and individualize speech therapy to the priorities of each family and child. All Sensational Kidz pathologists have had extensive behavioral training and believe in an eclectic approach and individualizing and personalizing sessions.  We believe in involving parents, where possible, in their child's progress. We ask parents to carryover play-based activities outside of our therapy sessions to reinforce progress initiated in the therapy session. We also meet with parents on an ongoing basis to discuss, collaborate, and refine therapy goals. We also make it a priority, where it applies, to share information with others that assist in treating the whole child across settings at home, school, and other environments or therapy treatments, such as physical or occupational therapists.



  • Apraxia of Speech or Developmental Apraxia

  • Articulation Disorders

  • Asperger’s Syndrome

  • Auditory Processing Disorders

  • Autism

  • Expressive Language Delays

  • Language Based Learning Disabilities

  • Language Processing Problems

  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder

  • Phonological Delays

  • Receptive Language Delays

  • Area of Pragmatics


What is Speech? What is Language?

Speech and language are different. A person can have problems with one or both. Learn about the difference here. See a speech-language pathologist, or SLP, if you have concerns.


What is a Language Disorder?

  • Language is a system of rules (grammar, syntax, etc.) used by a group of people to convey meaning. Language can be spoken, written, or shown (gestures, sign language). You CAN have language without speech.

  • A language disorder is a breakdown in the ability to express language, understand language, or follow social norms.

  • A language disorder can be classified as a disorder of expressive language, receptive language, pragmatics, or a mixture of any of these.


What is a Speech Disorder?

  • Speech is HOW we say sounds and words. It is the physical movements we make to produce sounds. A speech disorder is the inability to say sounds and words appropriately – therefore causing you to become unintelligible (not easily understood).

  • Someone who has a speech disorder may have an Articulation disorder (speech-sound), a Fluency disorder, or a Voice disorder. 

  • Articulation refers to the ability to produce specific sounds in order to express thoughts and feelings. It involves the lip, teeth, tongue, palate and jaw movements.

  • Fluency Disorder is a speech disorder that is characterized by sound prolongations, repetitions, and/or blockage of sounds, syllables, words, or phrases which disrupt the natural flow of speech.

  • Voice Disorder mostly includes abnormality of pitch, loudness or quality of sounds.


“Early identification and early intervention leads to increased accessibility to language”

Speech pathologist
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