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Transition Program 

1:1 to Group based learning 

The main goal of the transition program is to bridge the gap between 1:1 intensive ABA format and a group learning environment.

The transition program is designed to help students gain the necessary skills and to make their transition into a school or day care setting as seamless as possible. This program also focuses on targeting social skills such as attending to teachers and peers, following group instructions, learning, responding and generalizing skills in a group environment etc. Students who participate in this program are assigned a 1:1 instructor to assist in learning and generalizing the skills. Instructors would fade their presence allowing learners learn and respond independently and prompt only as required.

Some of the skills targeted this program

  • Attending to teacher and peers

  • Responding to group instructions- Everyone does the same response

  • Independent activity schedule

  • Asks for attention of teachers and students independently

  • Engaging with peers in group activities

  • Turn taking

  • Sharing


Participation in the Transition Program is based on the client’s progress in 1:1 therapy. The goal of this program would be to learn skills which would allow them to effectively transition into a group learning environment and transition out of our services.

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